Thesis documentation done by a scholar is likely to have some errors in format and structure. Many times, you may not be aware of the mistakes you have made. A second look at the documentation is necessary for critical review, which ensures meeting of guidelines. This is where we come in.

We can take a critical look at the following points in your documentation.

  • Grammatical errors
  • Choice of voice
  • Correct usage of tense
  • Structure of sentences
  • Formatting and meeting of guidelines
  • Correct usage of tone in writing
  • Usage of references

The above expertise is achieved by a team of editors who are well qualified and possess doctorate degrees from international universities. They have been able to produce near perfect dissertations repeatedly, which promise to fetch you high grades in the assessments.

Editing service is very useful for scholars who are not familiar with the English language. They can learn the proper usage of the language and benefit from it. Not knowing the language can be a real nightmare for non-native speakers. Though their research could fetch them tremendous value, they can miss the chance if they cannot put it in a form of a document, which is easily communicable and highlights the salient points.

Proofreading service from our end ensures that all the English language requirements are met. We ensure that

  • Spellings are correct
  • There are no typographical errors
  • The grammar is intact
  • Formatting rules are adhered to in your document

Copy editing service ensures that all the guidelines set by the university or college are taken care of in the documentation. We support the following writing styles – APA, AMA, MLA, Chicago style of writing and Turabian. Through all our services, we ensure that your thesis is endowed with that brilliance which would catch anybody’s eye.