PhD Editing Service

Preparation of the dissertation draft is the first step in preparation of the report. After this it needs to be followed up with editing and revision to come up with the final dissertation.

It is generally seen that it takes nearly six months to come up with a draft. You need to work on intellectual themes, organize your document with proper headings, and divide the content in sections.

The objective of research should reflect clearly in the thesis. The real problem or issue you are working on and the impact of your work should be clearly mentioned. The relevance of your research in the present and the future should also be described. Our PhD editors ensure that all these aspects are in place and that the dissertation or thesis is up to the mark.

Editing involves detailed revision where we ensure that ideas are properly framed and written. Also the usage of the English language is assessed for clarity, use of jargon and academic style. The document should be written in such a way that the reader is able to grasp the matter at the first go. Each chapter is checked thoroughly in a step by step manner. There should be no overlap of information among chapters and unnecessary repetition of matter.

While the thesis body forms four-fifth of the total text, the rest of the document comprises the Table of Contents, Bibliography, appendices, etc. These are also checked for accuracy. Our PhD editing team has subject matter experts, as well as skilled statisticians, who go through the graphs, modules and illustrations also. Further, PhD editing is done in a number of styles, which are followed by various universities. You need to mention whether you want us to follow the APA, MLA, Turabian, Harvard or any other style of editing.

Your attainment of the PhD degree depends on the quality of the PhD dissertation or thesis. Hence, you have to be 100% sure of the work which you submit. Upload your file and proceed to order our service.