PhD thesis can run into several pages and needs a lot of hard work. As an author you would be going through the document a number of times and hence could miss out on small details. Hence, though things appear fine, a critical review by a second person always helps. You might be comfortable with the English language but may not be proficient with the usage of the language in academic terms and its nuances.

Proofreading involves checking for grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, getting rid of typo errors, improving layout and formatting of the document. Though it may seem simple, it could involve a lot of time for the thesis, considering that it runs into hundreds of pages.

Proofreading services are offered at different levels. The time taken depends on the extent of service required. At the minimum it could be a check of errors only, or an assessment of structure and layout of the document. Though the thesis can be ideally proof read by anybody who has a good knowledge of the English language, if it is done by a professional proofreader the turnaround time would be shorter. Changes are typically made in “Track changes mode” so that students may understand the changes and see the comments.

The editors would have years of experience doing this kind of job, and hence the outcome would surely be professional. Proofreading should be ideally done when most of the writing work is nearly complete and final. If the thesis is not proofread, there are chances of it getting rejected due to minor mistakes. This is especially true with non-native English language speakers. Since they are unfamiliar with the English language it would be compulsory for them to get their thesis edited and proofread. Send your documents to for a quote.