The vision behind the creation of Regent Editing is a far sighted one. We intend to develop an online platform which will solve all problems related to editing academic documents for research scholars in South Africa. We also aim to make this site a one-stop solution for students who are faced with challenges regarding the language, grammar, formatting and presentation of academic reports whether at Master’s or at PhD academic level.

Our help extends beyond just checking the language of the content. We make corrections in grammar, spellings and format, punctuation, transition and flow as is necessary based on the service selected. We also suggest improvement in vocabulary to comply with norms of academic writing. Plus, we have a system of conducting checks for plagiarism and provide a report for the same.

Apart from English editing and proofreading services for master’s and PhD scholars, we also offer Journal paper editing service, which is crucial for authors who wish to have their work published in reputed academic or trade journals. The editors who provide journal editing service have been associated for many years with leading journal houses and know the standards to be followed. Moreover, there is also a team of peer reviewers who assess the validity and accuracy of facts. We provide editing certificate as well for the manuscript editing service.

We have designed an interactive system to enhance the satisfaction that students derive from the services. Clients can collaborate and communicate with the experts who are handling their project and provide suggestions or feedback directly through email. In case there is any confusion in any part of the document, the editors also clarify that promptly. This system ensures that work is done in a seamless and timely manner. You can send all your queries regarding the services, processes or pricing at

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