Proofreading Services

There are a number of students who are not familiar with the English language. Expertise in the language cannot be gained overnight and you cannot risk your dissertation work because of this weakness. Many times, we might be skilled at research, but may not be so conversant with English grammar to churn out a good document. Hence, to make sure that the English usage is correct, you can avail proofreading service from us.

In our team, we have native English language speakers who have done their Masters and doctorate from renowned universities. They have ample experience in dissertation editing and proofreading. They have been selected to be on board after vigorous interviews and assessments. To cater to dissertations from various fields, we have experts from different backgrounds and expertise.

As part of the proofreading service, we check for spelling mistakes, verb agreements and punctuations in your document. There could be errors in spelling, tenses and punctuation, which are normally missed by the spelling check tools. As part of proofreading all these aspects are checked and changes are made in the document using track changes mode. The changes are thus highlighted for you to accept them after discussing with your supervisor.

A large document written by one person and scanned over and over again by the same person may make them blind to some of the errors. Hence it is always advisable to have a review of the same done by a second person. This will go a long way in producing a quality document, which meets the expected guidelines and language compliance.

The proofreading service offered by us ensures the privacy of your documents as the data is stored on a secure server. Contact our service managers now to avail the service.