Academic language editing is our flagship service at Regent Editing. We understand that your thesis is the final outcome of your PhD and is going to take you to the doctorate degree. Editing service can be of varied types, depending upon the scope of your requirements. Thus, while copy editing would mean checking for usage of grammar, flow of information, structure of the content; substantive editing will be much more extensive. Research scholars can select the type of thesis editing service needed by them based on the service scope. Scholars can send in quote requests to info@regentediting.co.za for thesis editing.

The following aspects of English language are checked for in the thesis under all editing services:

  • Checking for grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes and wrong usage of English words.
  • Proper usage of tense in the sentences. Ideally, the thesis or dissertation is written in past tense and the same needs to be maintained throughout the document.
  • Check of proper usage and placement of punctuations is done.
  • Appropriate flow of information is checked in the complete document. There should be no switching across concepts or ideas.
  • The structure formation of sentences should be appropriate. Complex words and long sentences make reading of the document cumbersome.
  • The document is checked to ensure that it is easily readable and clear. It should not create any kind of confusion in the reader’s mind.

Proper formatting of the document, which would mean matching the document against the guidelines laid down by the university or college, can also be taken up as part of the editing service. Thus, to ensure that your thesis does not get rejected, editing is a must. All our editors are PhD’s and have immense experience in academic thesis editing.